High Heel Shoes in Women's Fashion

The enthusiasm for high heels will never diminish. Women like to wear high heels. This gives them a lot of confidence and they feel good. Men also like to see women wearing high heels. The photo of a woman wearing a high heels swinging hips while walking is what men like to watch.


Men’s obvious worship of women also increases women’s self-awareness. The love of high heels can make women spend a lot of money on designer clothes. Her love for these shoes has led manufacturers to invent more and more innovative styles to cater to current trends. You can see different colors and different kinds of high heels on the market.


The history of high heels:


The history of this shoe dates back to the 17th century. It was originally used as a tool to help the Egyptian butchers walk through the blood from the animals after killing them. Horseback riders also use it to help them not skid when riding.


But when Duke of Orleans's short wife, Catherine de’Medici, wanted to improve her figure, modern high heels became popular. She wants to add a few more inches to her height. But she succeeded, and more and more women are obsessed with the demands of making themselves look taller. This heralds the trend of wearing manolo blahnik sale high heels.


The heel drops:


High heels lost their popularity during the French Revolution of the 18th century. A century later, it became popular again, and it was not until the early 20th century that competition ceased.


In the years that followed, flat shoes have dominated the fashion world. Subsequently, the high heels and the Louis high heels together with a "squeaky" back. High heels have always been an important part of women's fashion. Today, this garment is also designed to fit on high heels.


Contemporary trends:


In the middle of 1900, stilettos became popular. Their designs look like daggers and are very popular with women. With the popularity of high heels in various fields, women wear them to every place.


They can be worn outdoors, at parties, or even in the office. The design of the shoes has also changed. These heights range from 2 inches to 8 inches. Product categories include platform shoes, wedge heels, stacked heels and bobbin heels.


Where you can wear high heels:


In the past, high heels could only be worn at parties. But over time, high heels are now being worn in the office, even as standard work as grocery stores.


Today's fashion logo sets an example by wearing innovative styles of manolo blahnik hangisi sale high heels, which were later incorporated into everyday wear. They even wear high heels decorated with lots of paintings and carvings. But these shoes can now be worn on any occasion.


Does high heels make you feel great?


Because women look more tempting and sexy, they like to show off their high heels. High heels not only increase your height, but also make your legs look attractive. When a woman walks in high heels, her entire life is changed. She looks very sophisticated. Therefore, high heels undoubtedly add a new dimension to each woman's personality.