High Heel Shoes Unravel Their Magnetic Charm

For centuries, women have been swinging their hips on sexy high heels. Even today, women’s love for high heels still fascinates women’s hearts and feet. In fact, as time goes by, this trend will only become more and more obvious.


Women will start to try new styles, and people who wear high heels will get higher and higher. This article attempts to unravel the unparalleled charm of high heels, almost hypnosis, making women's desires, love and maximizing the use of their credit cards.


History of high heels


The history of high heels dates back many centuries. It is said that today's popular haute couture costumes were originally used by Egyptian butchers to help them walk over the blood of dead animals. Around 1500, about 1-1/2 inches (4 cm) of the "mountain's heel" was worn by horse-ridden people to prevent their feet from sliding forward on the stables. In 1533, the petty wife of the Duke of Orleans, Catherine de Medici, designed manolo blahnik sale high heels for herself to improve her height and size. The concept of high heels became popular. In the 17th and 18th centuries, men and women continued to wear high heels as a noble fashion.


In the late 18th century, with the approach of the French Revolution, high heels began to decline. In the late 19th century, high heels reappeared on women's fashion shoes. Until the late 19th century, manolo blahnik hangisi sale high heels have dominated women. At the beginning of the 20th century, more comfortable flat shoes became popular. However, high heels re-emerged in the roaring 1920s, when high skirts encouraged people to wear conspicuous, delicate, slender Louis high heels.


His unique wedge heel design creates an indisting heel and the rest of the shoes, except the back and Jeep's feet are raised above the toe. It provides a pie system where food is placed, from the heel to the middle or front of the foot. Nowadays, the unique design of his system and ordinary wedge heels has evolved into a more defined rear heel in some styles, cut off the platform, belts and platform shoes, with a variety of decorations. Today's wedge heels offer more variation in parts and colors, from 1" to 4" high heels. Nowadays, the size of the shoes is small to large, and women of different status and social parts use this traditional system designed shoes to design and comfort.


System shoes have been used in many cultures as early as the last century, but Faragmo's impressive design of wedge heels has reintroduced system shoes into a global style. His seasoned ideas range from unusual to simple styles everyday and provide inspiration to other footwear designers in his time. Today, his company is still known for its traditional and experienced women's shoes.


Wedge heels have become a traditional and stylish footwear design that is suitable for women of all ages and remains as famous as the 1930s. Regardless of Ferragamo's intent to extend the design of his wedge heels to different shoe styles, it has become a versatile footwear that can be used in almost any design. Today, wedge heels are sold as formal health products, apparel and casual shoes. It’s the footwear that shows its constant challenge to the trend, spanning every era.